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Computers For Seniors.

Welcome to Seniors IT - a hub of learning, support and resources for seniors beginning and enjoying their computing journey.  This program is a joint initiative between the following:

  • Adult Community and Further Education Board,
  • Chelsea PC Support Group,
  • Frankston City Council
  • Longbeach PLACE 

This project has been designed to provide freely available learning, social and support opportunities to seniors wishing to explore the digital world.  We are proudly supported by the State Trustees Australia Foundation, Bendigo Bank, and Kingston City Council.



Our book, Facebook For Seniors, is now available.  You can order it directly from our website In Easy Lessons for home delivery.  It will also be available at the discounted price of $35 at the next PC Support Group meeting.

Our next Chelsea PC Support Group meeting is October 14th at 1.00pm, 2017.  It's Senior's Week so everyone please note that we meet on the 2nd Saturday of this month!!  Bring along a senior! Come and enjoy the free presentation and ask all your questions on:

October 14th, 1.00pm at:

Longbeach Place

15 Chelsea Road, 

Chelsea (Rear of Library Car Park) 

Enquiries: 9776 1386

For further information, please click below:




How does that darn mouse move?

Just getting started with computers?

What's Skype?

Files! Folders! Help!

What's shopping Online?

Try our classes currently held at Longbeach Place!


Have fun and learn in a club atmosphere.

Make new friends.

Listen to presentations about ..well...anything computer related!

 Join us at the Chelsea PC Support Group on the first Saturday of every month at 1.00 pm



Have a problem?

Computer 'stuck'?

Technology help is available!

Ask away in 'Q&A' after the presentation at our Chelsea PC Support Group.


Join our Facebook group and get instant help!




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Find instant help and answers to your computer questions.

Connect with other senior computer learners to share your experiences.