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Practical Support 

Looking for practical support? 

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Free Advice

Free Help


For advice and support, visit the Chelsea PC Support Group in 2022:

Longbeach Place, Rooms 2 & 3

15 Chelsea Road, 

Chelsea (Rear of Libray Car Park) at the following times:

February 5 (Cancelled)

1.00pm-3.30pm (Online with Zoom)

March 5

1.00pm-3.30pm (Online with Zoom)

April 2


May 7


June 4


July 2


August 6




Support is offered at our PC Support Group.  

Come and join us...listen to the Presentation then ask away in our "Question and Answer" segment for free advice.  If you wish, referrals can be offered for paid support to our recommended technicians.  



....Rest assured that help is always on hand!


Online and Social Support

Looking for a fast answer to your computer problems?

Looking to share and connect with other senior computer lovers and beginners?

Well, you've found it again!

Fast Help

Connect with Others

Join our Facebook group! Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/seniorsit and click Join.  Post your questions and interact with others. Everyone is welcome to join and volunteer their knowledge.

This group is moderated by two experienced computer experts who will guide the discussion and provide advice as quickly as possible.  It is a great resource when help is needed.