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Using Zoom for Participants at Longbeach PLACE

Zoom is software that lets people join in virtual meetings, classes or activities. Everyone can join Zoom from a computer or device (like a phone or an iPad). Zoom will help you participate in your normal activities from your own home. Here are some of the things you can do on Zoom:

  • See and talk to your teacher, facilitator or activity leader
  • See and talk to the other people in your group or class
  • See your teacher, facilitator or activity leader’s screen as they show you how to do things

What do I need to use Zoom?

You’ll need the following:

  • A computer, a tablet (like an iPad) or a smartphone (like an iPhone)
  • An internet connection
  • A speaker, microphone and web camera.
    • If you have a laptop then these things will be built into your laptop.
    • If you don’t have a laptop and instead you have a desktop then you’ll need to buy these things separately. They aren’t very expensive, and you can find them at JB HiFi or Harvey Norman.
  • If you’re finding it hard to hear other people on Zoom, or you live in a noisy home then you might like to use a pair of headphones. This will make it easier to hear.

How do I join a meeting?

The meeting host (usually the facilitator, teacher or activity leader) will send you an email with an invitation to join a Zoom session.

  1. Open your email program (e.g. Mail)
  2. Find and open the email with an invitation to join Zoom
  3. The email will contain a link to join the Zoom meeting. The link will look like a website address and should contain a series of numbers at the end of the link. If you see more than one link in the email then choose the link with the numbers at the end, not the link with the word ‘join’ at the end.


  1. A few minutes before your class, activity or meeting, click on the link. This will open your Zoom session. It’s best to do this a few minutes early as you may have a few steps to run through.
  2. The Zoom browser will open. If nothing happens automatically then click ‘download & run Zoom.’


  1. You will be prompted to run the program. Exactly what you see will depend on the Internet browser that you’re using so you may see some of the following option.
    • If you see Run then click Run; OR


  • If you see a blue camera icon appear in the corner, then click the icon; OR


  • If you see a box at the top of the screen asking to Open Zoom, click Open Zoom


  1. Your meeting will then begin soon. Wait for the meeting to finish loading.


  1. You’ll then be asked to enter your name. Write your name in and click Join Meeting


  1. You’ll then be asked to join with Computer audio. Do this by clicking ‘Join with Computer Audio.’ To make it easier, click ‘Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting.’ This will stop you having to click this in the future
  2. Your meeting will now open!

How do I take part in my activity / lesson / group?

  • Your Zoom screen will appear in front of you. Let’s break down what you see.


  1. The image of the person who is currently speaking or last spoke
  2. Smaller images of the other participants in the meeting and your own image
  3. Your tools

How do I speak with and see others?

You should be immediately able to speak to other participants and be heard.

But wait, it hasn’t worked! Problem solving

Help! Other People Can’t Hear Me

You may have accidently muted your microphone so that others can’t hear you.

  • Look at the bottom left side of your tools and find the Mute button with a picture of a microphone.
  • If the button has a red line through it then you are muted. If not, then you are not muted, and others will be able to hear you (this is what you want).
  • If you are muted, then click on the mute button until the red line disappears.

Help! Other People Can’t See Me

You may have accidently turned off your video so that others can’t see you

  • Look at the bottom left side of your tools and find the Stop Video button with a picture of a video camera
  • If the button has a red line through it then you have stopped your video and others can’t see you. If not, your video is working and others will be able to see you (this is what we want).
  • If you have stopped your video, then click on the Stop Video button until the red line disappears.

Help! I Can’t Hear Other People

You may have turned your volume down too low so that you can’t hear other people.

  • Look at the bottom right of your computer screen and find the volume button.
  • Click on the button and drag the slider all the way to the top to turn up your volume.

Help! I Can’t See Other People

The other people may have turned off their web cameras or they not have a web camera. There is nothing that you can do about this other than encouraging them to read this problem-solving guide and turn on their web camera! 

How do I chat with other people in writing?

You can write down your thoughts to everyone in the Zoom meeting using the Chat function.

  1. Click Chat from your tools
  2. The Chat box will appear on the right side of your screen
  3. Click where it says, ‘Type message here’ and write your message
  4. Press ENTER on your keyboard to send the message
  5. Keep your eye on the Chat window to read the messages from other people.