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The following program of classes is being conducted at Longbeach PLACE throughout terms 1 and 2, 2018

Please be aware that only classes with displayed times are currently available.

Classes running at Longbeach PLACE are supported by ACFE. Classes are $45 for 8 weeks

Please contact Longbeach PLACE for bookings and availability. Only terms 1 and 2 classes, 2018 are currently available.

Courses are color coded in order of difficulty:


The following classes are on offer in Terms 1 and 2, 2018 

Introduction to Windows 10

Duration: (Term 2) 8 weeks.

Customise the Windows 10 Start Menu. Find your way around popular Apps. Create, save and print documents using the free App "WordPad". Learn how to import and edit your photos using the Windows 10 Photo App. Introduction to the Internet and Email.


Fridays 27th April - 15th June, 12.30-3pm

Internet and Email

Duration: (Term 1) 8 weeks.

Learn how to navigate the internet, how to manage your emails effectively. Topics include: Introduction to Microsoft Edge, setting home page and creating bookmarks, using Google, Google Images Google Maps, and YouTube. Create an email account, send and reply to emails, and attach photos and documents to emails


Saturdays 9.30-12.00 17th February - 14th April

Using Microsoft Office.

Duration: (Term 1, 2018) 8 weeks at 2.5 hours per session.

Introduction to Microsoft Office.

Learn how to create business letters, invitations, posters and more! Create a slideshow in Powerpoint with effects and music. Find out how to master a simple budget using Excel.



Fridays 16th February - 13th April 12.30 - 3pm  (no class on 30th March)

Windows 10 - The Next Step

Duration: 8 weeks at 2.5 hours per session.

Make your computer safe by downloading and installing security and adblocking software
Learn to install and use popular apps
Create slideshows the easy way with photos and music
Find out how to download and read free ebooks from your local library
Use your Microsoft account and get the most out of ‘One Drive’


Please register interest for this course at Longbeach Place Community Centre

Microsoft Office Level 2

Duration: 8 weeks (term 2)

Cover the advanced features of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.  (Completion of Microsoft Office Level 1 Course or equivalent knowledge recommended). Topics covered include:  styles, headers, Mail Merge, SmartArt, reviewing documents by adding comments and track changes and creating a table of contents.  Advanced features of PowerPoint such as animations, editing master slides and creating customised slideshows.  Continuing with Microsoft Excel and creating additional formulas, using conditional formatting and creating advanced spreadsheets


Saturdays 9.30-12.00 28th April - 16th June

Online Buying and Selling

Duration: (Term 2) 8 weeks

Learn the basics of buying and selling online, and keeping your computer safe whilst doing so. Learn about the different payment methods for buying online. Buy from an online store. Create an eBay account and buy from eBay.


Fridays 27th April - 15th June, 9.30-12.00