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Intro to Paint 3D: Kathy's video presentation during the October 2020 meeting

National Library of Australia eResources: Kathy's video presentation during the September 2020 meeting

Creating Slideshows and Movies in Windows 10: Kathy's video presentation during the June 2020 meeting

Zoom Guide: How to use Zoom to connect to our online meetings

NBN Plans: Slides for the August 2018 meeting

Choosing an Internet & phone plan: Slides for the September 2017 meeting

Signing Up For Facebook: A video showing you how to create a Facebook account by Carrie

Facebook For Seniors: Information about our book, Facebook For Seniors.  Now available for purchase from www.ineasylessons.com

Learn To Bank: Learn to use online banking with our safe and secure online banking simulator.

Learn To Shop: Learn to buy items online using our online shopping simulator.

Little Black Book of Scams: This Australian Government resource talks about common scams and how to protect yourself

Scams Quiz: Test your knowledge of phishing and scams with Consumer Affairs' scams quiz

Phishing Quiz: Test your knowledge of phishing with SonicWALL's online quiz

Protecting Yourself Online: Brings together information Australian Government Departments to help all Australians stay safe and secure using the Internet